The outcome of a year-long collaboration was introduced this week in Morocco.
In a collaboration between KVINFO, the Danish state administration and Institut Superièure Magistrature, which educates Moroccan judges, these have been trained in mediation in divorce cases.
Their experiences have been put together in a mediation guide that will be used throughout the Moroccan legal system. The guide was introduced at a ceremony on Monday May 15th.
The background for the project is the Moroccan family law from 2004, which gave women much better rights than before. E.g. they obtained the right to get a divorce. Furthermore, obligatory mediation has been introduced in divorce cases among others.
However, these laws were not always implemented and mediation has often taken the form of the administration trying to convince the woman to stay in the marriage. The collaboration between the Danish and Moroccan partners has had the goal to ensure a real, impartial mediation and thus strengthen the rights of women, particularly. At the same time, the Danish state administration gained valuable insights into the mindset of Moroccan immigrants here.
At the ceremony, development consultant and mediation expert Leise Døllner from the Danish state administration explained their work with mediation in divorce cases in Morocco. The purpose of mediation is to reach a common understanding and that both parties’ interests and rights are respected, regardless of the outcome.
At the event both judges and other representatives of the judicial system were present, as well as local journalists, the Danish ambassador Jørgen Molde and representatives from the project partners, KVINFO, the state administration and Institut Superièure de la Magistrature.