There were lots of interested questions and the mood was light when Jordan’s princess Basma Bint Ali visited Aarhus this weekend. The host was the association Tone and composer Line Tjørnhøj, who has a cooperation with Royal Botanic Gardens in Amman, supported by KVINFOs pool for small grants.
Her Royal Highness princess Basma is the founder of the innovative botanical garden, which researches in sustainable short and long term development for people and environment. In the project Dustempower with Tone, the Royal Botanic Garden has supported women in a local village in starting their own businesses. The financing from KVINFO has covered the participation of two Danish designers in Jordan, who has aided the women in product development.
With her interest in agricultural innovation the princess was invited to visit Friland, an organic production collective outside Aarhus, where she looked at new ways of growing and utilizing Friland’s products. From KVINFO consultant and programme advisor Katarina Blomqvist was present.
That a composer and an association working with music are behind the project is based on the shared idea that Line Tjørnhøj and the princess developed at their first meeting a few years ago to make a performance based around a meal.
This year the women in Dustempower is testing a new way to produce the Jordanian speciality jameed. Jameed is a dried salted sheep’s milk yogurt originating from the Bedouin culture. Together with other Jordanian specialities it will be part of the performance “Agony – an eating opera” this fall.
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Photo: Anders M. Teibel/Montgomery